U got me some milk?

I have been jumping in all ur boxes- I hope u don't mind me knocking over this glass. This is where I creatively show-case my interests that lie off and on the camera.
I make videoz 18+
I do WILD CAT stuff
I draw
I watch animez
I play gamez
Thank you-I hope you didn't mind me lapping up all the milk...

Cute Glitters for Myspace

>NSFW 18+



Hi! This is my bio. Platforms are above ;3x Here's what's up: My name is JJ!

I am a 24 year old that makes adult content for the internet. As someone with a huge creative drive and big butt to match it, it was a no brainer to gift everyone with the gift of my p0rn ;3. I briefly studied sexuality and relationships in college and quickly found that I felt comfortable and enjoyed the subject. I have worked in the service industry for ten years, and i've done sex work for four. I draw, and have always loved fashion and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Camming calls to me as an opportunity to combine all of these interests and skills I have with the chance to be my own manager with a flexible schedule. Curvy and adorned with my natural attributes, I am a tatted 5'5" bombshell of German, Swiss, and Romanian descent. As someone with a proximity to chit chat and an easy-going personality, I love private shows and creating intimate sessions with fans.


if ur into that lol

Lol so I AM a huge nerd and I thought it would be helpful to generalize what all I nerd abt. I nerd out about content creation but thats so boring so heres to more fun things:

xoxo: I play DnD every week, for four years now! I also play Magic the Gathering and Pokemon TCG.

xoxo: I love Naruto and used to (guiltily) wear a naruto headband to school. ;w; my pu$$y has the confidence of nations!

xoxo: Other animes I love include: Chobits, Code Geass, Banana Fish, any work of Satoshi Kon, Naoki Urusawas Monster, Death Note, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi…. I also love FNAF lol.

As you can tell from my tattoos, I love a ton of Nintendo franchise games. Ask me about them on my paid sites <3

Anywayz - more FUN facts about me:
1. I have a cat that looks like Garfield
2. I have a birthmark that looks exactly like a butterfly on my stomach so u know i am a true 2000s girl
3. I have thouroughly read the avril lavigne manga and continue to wait for its hiatus to end 4. I pissed my pants at a tinder date and still got hit up for a second <333
5. I licked a vegas bomb off a mans lap...and he was wearing jeans ;w; LOL
6. I have 15 piercings, 11 tattoos (and counting), and many videogame references in my tattoos. I also love anime/manga and little mammals like lemurs and otters <3
7. I embarrass myself all the time but i'm so coool and sexi >:3
8. Ich spreche Deutsch! Aber, sehr wenig.
9. I do aerial gymnastics: Poll and Trapeze; and i'm currently training to be more flexible ;)
10. I work as an at home artist (digital and sketchbook art), cam girl/porn/content creator, and am a stripper & show girl <3
10. Currently plug training and to take thicker dildos-- U wanna watch?
11. I know HTML and am learning CSS, Java, and Python--I'm building this website from scratch, i'll get to making it look nice one day!!


joltionmac@gmail.com for serious business inquries only