U got me some milk?

I have been jumping in all ur boxes- I hope u don't mind me knocking over this glass. This is where I creatively show-case my interests that lie off and on the camera.
I make videoz 18+
I do WILD CAT stuff
I draw
I watch animez
I play gamez
Thank you-I hope you didn't mind me lapping up all the milk...

Cute Glitters for Myspace

>NSFW 18+


notes about my links:

I make A LOT of versatile content with a big empthasis on quality. I often make long videos, some of which are very vulnerable and personable to me. I constantly resource new equipment often for my videos, and am always interested in making something new that you've never seen! I really love creating videos and putting my skills to the test, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ;3 Messaging, social media managing, filming/photography, producing, and editing-- I DO IT ALL. Come give me kisses meow!

And no, I do not have an OnlyFans anymore- Personally, it was not beneficial to me and came with more problems than positives! Previous subscribers DM me on telegram and i'll give you a gift~


Hi! This is my bio. Platforms are above ;3x Here's what's up: My name is JJ!

I am a 24 year old that makes adult content for the internet. As someone with a huge creative drive and big butt to match it, it was a no brainer to gift everyone with the gift of my p0rn ;3. I briefly studied sexuality and relationships in college and quickly found that I felt comfortable and enjoyed the subject. I have worked in the service industry for ten years, and i've done sex work for five. I draw, and have always loved fashion and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Camming calls to me as an opportunity to combine all of these interests and skills I have with the chance to be my own manager with a flexible schedule. Curvy and adorned with my natural attributes, I am a tatted 5'5" bombshell of German, Swiss, and Romanian descent. As someone with a proximity to chit chat and an easy-going personality, I love private shows and creating intimate sessions with fans. I am also a fetish model at The Dollhouse ATX!----- I also make safe for work content where I talk about videogames, or any of my nerdy interests. I also draw & cosplay at anime conventions. Most of that content can be found under my Social Medias tab! Regardless of what you follow me for, all of my content is intended for mature audiences.


if ur into that lol

Lol so I AM a huge nerd and I thought it would be helpful to generalize what all I nerd abt. I nerd out about content creation but thats so boring so heres to more fun things:

Pokemon TCG, DND, MTG

Chobits, Code Geass, Banana Fish, lots of Yaoi, Noaki Urusawa's Monster, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, lots of slice of life and ecchi meooow. Check out My Anime List (under socials!)

FNAF, TLOZ, Harvest Moon, MGS, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, visual novels, etc. Lots of Nintendo Franchise games!

Midna (TLOZ), Ballora (FNAF), Riza Hawkeye (FMA), Aoba (DMMD), Gappy (JJBA), Joleyne (JJBA), Toy Bonnie (FNAF) + MORE! If u want me to cosplay your favorite character; DM me on Telegram!

Anywayz - more FUN facts about me:
1. I have a cat that looks like Garfield
2. I have a birthmark that looks exactly like a butterfly on my stomach so u know i am a true 2000s girl
3. I have thouroughly read the avril lavigne manga and continue to wait for its hiatus to end 4. I make foodplay content so i've shoved numerous foods in my pussy haha<333
5. I licked a vegas bomb off a mans lap...and he was wearing jeans ;w; LOL
6. I have 15 piercings, 11 tattoos (and counting), and many videogame references in my tattoos. I also love anime/manga and little mammals like lemurs and otters <3
7. I attend a lot of conventions and cosplay!
8. Hablo un poco de espaƱol
9. I do aerial gymnastics: Poll and Trapeze; and i'm currently training to be more flexible ;)
10. I work as an at home artist (digital and sketchbook art), cam girl/porn/content creator, and am a stripper & show girl <3
10. Currently plug training and to take thicker dildos-- U wanna watch?
11. I know HTML and am learning CSS, Java, and Python--I'm building this website from scratch, i'll get to making it look nice one day!!


joltionmac@gmail.com for serious business inquries only